Friday, 18 January 2008

Blue hotel of lost times

Dreams in the blue hotel of lost times - Träume von einer futuristischen Zukunft


Genpeace in panic paniC panIC paNIC pANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC
Warning: Unfortunately this is NO GEN MANIpulated! Do not Support these farmers! Do not buy from them!

VISUAL FLUXUS: Collaborations in Poetry,Socks and Cloths

Collaborators Kater Bernstein and Katze Bellavista will be present for the gallery opening of Visual Verse in the Curver Gallery at the Boring Lory Center. This event is on Friday January 25th, from 4-6pm. A gallery talk will take place to discuss their involvement in the Visual Thought Verse Cloths collaboration starting at 5pm. The Curver Gallery will be the last stop for this traveling exhibition put on by the Contemporary Cloth & Socks Art Association (CCSA) in late 2003. The yearlong collaboration between artists with cloths and poets with words resulted in a truly unique exhibition of 24 socks with thoughts and sculptures with accompanying Fluxus poems. The exhibit was juried by Giorgio Bushbama and Hillarina Brotschneider . It features a number of works by internationally known cloth & socks artists and poets.

This event is free and open to the public

FUFUS # 1- Eigen vuur fataal

FUFUS # 1- Eigen vuur fataal fataal fataal fataal Fluxus and visual poetry -

ORT - visible language

Street poetry fluxing in a circle:

Cat's eyes - looking for FUFUS

What is the difference between Fluxussoldier # 38 & # 39

Fluxussoldier # 39

Fluxussoldier # 38

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Dream holder

wait 1 minute=wait 1
Lebensnotwendige Fluxus Gegenstànde

Nobody & empty chair

Fluxing horse

Pegasus or Marble hero or Fluxing horse - I do not see any marble anymoore

Stay OR go? / a Fluxus Question

Litsa Spathi thinks here a Fluxus question loud -
Nobody knows the question

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Tuesday, 08 January 2008

Sunday, 06 January 2008

HIER - visible language

Street poetry fluxing in a circle:

Modification in black

Fly Fluxus Fly - Modification in back - fly together with two birds

Modification in white

Fly Fluxus fly - modification in white - together with two birds

B lack c ros s

Ke ....ep ......e mise......o........ f j t..... a b...... lac....... k. c........ ro....s s

Recording the groans of a happy Fluxus socks fire

Mit bestem Dank an Bubu in Berlin